News Reporting

Like any decent journalist, I have a great nose for a story and always strive to break exclusives. I am experienced in using both traditional and more modern methods of news gathering, from news agencies such as the Press Association, to social media.

As a published journalist, I specialise in arts and entertainment. However, I also have extensive experience in court reporting and investigative reporting, as well as covering business, current affairs and sports stories from local to international level. With 100wpm Teeline Shorthand, I am also able to research stories on location, producing the final draft with a quick turnaround.

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Feature Writing

In term of writing, I find features to be the most enjoyable and rewarding to work on. From news features and interview features to ‘How To’s, guides and listicles, I have covered a range of topics including music, culture, history and much more.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to interview many talented individuals, including Amanda Palmer, Interpol’s Paul Banks, The All-American Rejects’ Mike Kennerty, The Stranglers’ JJ Burnel and Arcade Fire’s Will Butler, to name a few.

Most recently, I have been creating entertaining and shareable content for BuzzFeed UK in the form of Scottish themed and pop culture inspired listicles and real life features, some of which have generated viral traffic.

I Ate Exclusively At Greggs For A Week And This Is What I Learned    chvrches-070513-0620-lst115299  


Having specialised in arts and entertainment since my inception into the field of journalism in 2007, I have written my fair share of previews and reviews. I began writing new music and gig reviews for my student newspaper Brig and Scottish music website Is This Music? then, in August 2011, I joined ThreeWeeks’ team of reviewers at the Edinburgh Festival. During this time, I gained experience reviewing all sorts of live events, from theatre and comedy to spoken word and cabaret. I returned to the Festival the following year as a reviewer for Broadway Baby.

Since I began working with The List in 2013, I have written several previews for film and music events, theatre productions, visual art and museum exhibitions and many more miscellaneous events. Most recently, I have been writing preview articles for the Daily Record’s new What’s On Section. I have also written reviews for The Fly, DIY, Wheel Scene, Trisickle and Scottish Fiction.

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As a teenage budding writer of the 00s, blogging is something I’ve always had an interest in. It’s no surprise, then, that I have a wealth of experience in the area as a journalist. From topical opinion pieces to more personal, reflective pieces, I’ve written and published several of my own blog posts, as well as writing for Glasgow based women’s collective TYCI.

I also run a music blog called HyperStereo which features most of my commissioned work as well as my own features, reviews and blog-style pieces.


Picture Research

During my time at The List as a freelance Editorial Assistant, majority of my work consisted of picture research. I was required to contact various venues, artists, photographers, PR companies, writers and section editors to acquire images, before uploading them to an image database with relevant labels, tags and credit requests.

Between August and October 2014, I was a freelance picture researcher for Time Out ahead of the launches of their new Edinburgh and Glasgow websites. Again, this involved contacting several hundred venues, photographers and PR companies for high resolution images. Using Photoshop, images were resized to specified measurements and sent back to the editor with credit requests to a tight deadline.

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