GHA announce plans for new energy efficient houses in Carntyne

Eight new energy efficient houses are to be built on Marfield Street in Carntyne.

Glasgow Housing Association announced the building plans on Thursday 25th October and say the new houses will dramatically reduce bills for heating and hot water to just over £5 a week or £280 per year.

The eight new homes are part of a 100-home new-build project in Carntyne run by GHA in partnership with City Building.


The GHA say that the new-build homes are to be completely insulated and will have sun spaces, solar panels and high levels of air tightness to minimise heat loss.

Final planning permission for the whole 100-home project has not yet been granted but plans for the the development at this stage include an amenity block for older tenants which will have 43 two-bedroom flats, with eight being built for wheelchair access.

In addition, there will be 22 flats, two with wheelchair access, and a further 27 houses with one built for wheelchair access.

Construction for the first eight homes is expected to start in March next year and City Building will be the contractor on the development.

Margaret Wallace, chair of GHA’s Keystone committee said: “In a time of ever-increasing fuel bills, these innovative homes will help families save energy and enjoy a better quality of life.

“As tenants will be able to keep money in their pockets, it means we are tackling fuel poverty head-on and reducing the impact on the environment.”

John McLelland, 46, lives nearby the area on Marfield Street where the new-builds will be constructed and said: “If they’re wanting to try cutting our gas and electricity bills, that’s all well and good but what I want to know is how much all this is going to cost and if it’s actually all worth it.”

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