As a freelance multimedia journalist, I have worked mostly within an online environment. Through the use of multimedia content and social media, I am interested in exploring new and exciting ways to make online journalism more engaging and interactive for visitors.

Content Management Systems

I have several years experience of working with various content management systems, including WordPress, Tumblr and Blogspot, to build and maintain websites and blogs. As well as my own music HyperStereo and the website you are currently reading, I have helped build websites for friends including YouTube star Takeabow19 and video production service Millennium Productions. From this experience, I am self-taught in some basic HTML.

I currently help run Scottish music website Scottish Fiction in editing and publishing reviews and have experience of publishing content on websites for audio tours company Walking Heads, as well as the now defunct urban culture magazine Trisickle.

When publishing content online, I endevour to exercise effective search engine optimisation and integrate multimedia elements such as images, audio and video, as well as essential hyperlinks and tags. I have found this allows for a much richer experience for visitors.

Social Media

I am greatly interested in the use of social media as a journalistic tool, both in terms of research and distribution of content. On various occasions, I have used the likes of Twitter and Facebook to research potential stories and contact those involved for information, quotes, images and other user-generated content.

I have also used platforms such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite for research, as well as scheduling posts for specific times to ensure maximum exposure, both for my own account and those of the Daily Record, Walking Heads and Scottish Fiction, using relevant tags and hashtags where necessary.

Between December 2015 and January 2016, I was a freelance Social Media Assistant for the Daily Record. This involved scheduling online stories for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail’s social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as smaller accounts such as Sport, Celeb, Politics, What’s On and Scotland Now. I learned to act fast when big stories broke and make quick decisions on which stories took priority, based on their relevancy to the target readership and time sensitivity.

I regularly moderated comments and replied to direct messages from readers. I also helped the Sports Team live tweet football matches and assisted the Commercial and Marketing teams with scheduling regular promotional posts.

In summer 2014, I worked with Walking Heads on their latest project Clydeside Promenade, a walking tour commissioned by the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Culture Programme. As well as conducting interviews, gathering audio and writing blog posts in promotion of the new tour, I assisted with the social media accounts, scheduling promotional posts on the lead up to, and throughout, the Games.

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